The Epic New Infinity War Trailer Will Make You Want to Run Through a Wall

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The Epic New Infinity War Trailer Will Make You Want to Run Through a Wall

The Avengers: Infinity War hype has risen to downright dangerous levels, as today Marvel Studios has shared a new trailer for their cinematic universe’s forthcoming crown jewel. The first Infinity War trailer swiftly became the most-viewed of all time, and we won’t be surprised in the least when the new one follows suit.

The film’s new trailer reveals Zoe Saldana’s green-skinned Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora to be a key character. As uber-villain Thanos’ adopted daughter, she is more well-equipped than anyone to understand the Mad Titan’s endgame: “to wipe out half the universe.” He’ll need the six Infinity Stones to do it, though, which have bounced around the MCU while serving as various movies’ MacGuffins over the past decade. Vision and Doctor Strange each possess one of the Stones—in what is surely a coincidence, the two Infinity War trailers have shown quick shots of each of those two characters enduring extreme pain—and the Avengers plan to dig in on earth, with some in New York City and others in Wakanda, forcing Thanos to bring the battle to them. That battle portends to be a harrowing one, as each of the three core Avengers—Thor, Iron Man and Cap, respectively—are seen struggling against (or being outright savaged by) the Mad Titan. “The end is near,” a disembodied voice promises at one point in the trailer—for many of our Avengers, that ill omen will prove to be a matter of life and death.

Infinity War’s release date was recently bumped up to April 27, meaning there’s only about a month and change until the film’s release. Our countdown clocks are ticking.

Watch the new Infinity War trailer below and see Marvel’s new motion poster for the movie further down. You can also revisit the film’s first trailer here, a cartoon reimagining of that trailer here and the film’s Super Bowl TV spot here.

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