James Bond Does James Bond Things in New Spectre Trailer

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James Bond Does James Bond Things in New Spectre Trailer

Last night’s NBA Finals broadcast featured a special appearance by Bond … James Bond. A 60-second Spectre TV spot aired during the game, offering viewers some brand new footage from the action-packed forthcoming film.

This is the second Spectre trailer to be released, following not so closely on the heels of the first teaser for the film, which came out in March. Footage from the opening half of the latest trailer will be awfully familiar to those who’ve seen the previous one: Moneypenny opaquely explains that 007 has a dark secret; a mysterious ring appears; a ragged-looking man warns Bond that he’s “a kite dancing in a hurricane”; and Christoph Waltz’s villain Franz Oberhauser makes a sinister, shadowy appearance, accompanied by some incredibly creepy music.

The second half of the trailer, made up of all-new footage, takes a turn for the intense in classic Bond film fashion. A dizzying action montage flashes by, consisting of fistfights, gunfights, foot and car chases, explosions, a plane sliding down the side of a snowy mountain, and somehow, in the middle of it all, Daniel Craig’s Bond holding a beautiful woman close. The clip ends with 007 coming face to face with Monica Belluci’s character and delivering his iconic introduction. There don’t appear to be any surprises on the way in this film, and that’s fine news for Bond fans.

Spectre hits theaters on Nov. 6. Watch the new trailer above.

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