Rumor: James Bond Is Getting Hitched in Next Movie

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Rumor: James Bond Is Getting Hitched in Next Movie

Noted fictional misogynist James Bond is getting married, according to a vague, unconfirmed leak from an anonymous source.

The news comes after Daniel Craig officially announced his return to the series for a fifth film as the famous British spy-who-is-allowed-to-kill-people.

The New York Post’s Page Six broke the story, citing an unnamed source who said that “Bond quits the secret service, and he’s in love and gets married.” The rumor is that Bond’s love interest from Spectre, which is a bad film, is the unlucky woman. The love interest (reportedly reprised by Léa Seydoux) will marry Bond and then quickly get murdered, according to the source, because she only ever existed to further the plot in the first place.

This prompts a Taken-style revenge plot to avenge her murder, as Bond returns to Her Majesty’s Secret Service for one last mission. Of course, as this is an unconfirmed leak, this could all be false, or the writers may change the story in response. (Let’s hope so.) If nothing else, it sounds awfully derivative of 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The 25th Bond film is scheduled to be released Nov. 8, 2019. Craig has said it will be his last Bond film.

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