Johnny Depp Will Star in Universal’s The Invisible Man Reboot

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Johnny Depp is no stranger to portraying mysterious and excentric characters for the big screen, and with Universal’s reboot of a classic H.G. Wells story, the actor will have yet another prolific role to add to his colorful resume.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Depp will star in The Invisible Man, the studio’s newest addition to its expanding line of classic monster/horror movie reboots.

Developed by producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, the script will be penned by Ed Solomon, the man behind Men in Black and Now You See Me. There is no director attached to the project at present, which keeps where the movie stands in terms of development unclear.

The Invisible Man first appeared on the big screen back in 1933, when Claude Rains starred in the black and white film about a chemist who uses a dangerous drug to turn invisible. H.G. Wells’ original tale of science gone wrong follows a scientist who, upon discovering the means to change a body’s refractive index so that it neither absorbs nor reflects light, turns invisible, but is unable to reverse the process. He soon turns to madness and crime, which sounds right up Depp’s alley.

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