Leonardo DiCaprio is Getting Into YA Movies by Producing The Sandcastle Empire

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Leonardio DiCaprio is throwing his hat into the ring of young adult adaptations with Paramount’s post-apocalyptic drama The Sandcastle Empire.

DiCaprio will serve as producer for the screen adaptation of author Kayla Olson’s book, which follows one girl’s journey breaking free of a totalitarian regime. You know, like most YA fiction these days.

In 2049, climate change has forced Earth to its breaking point. Coastal flooding and overpopulation have left entire societies and their governments severely weakened. Wolfpack, a radical faction, sees this and takes advantage, quickly overthrowing the government.

Elden is a young woman trapped in a Wolfpack labor camp. Upon breaking free, she jons three other girls as they flee to an island. Along the way, Eden discovers clues about her missing father and the key to bringing down the Wolfpack.

It’s pretty much a head scratcher as to why DiCaprio would attach himself to this project, considering the over-saturation of the genre and his almost non-existent history with young adult media, at least since his teen heartthrob days. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the series has a heavy environmental focus—an issue that aligns quite nicely with DiCaprio’s public and humanitarian interests.

The award-winning actor will co-produce the feature with Jennifer Davisson.

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