Liam Neeson Is Playing a Snowplow Driver Out for Vengeance in Hard Powder

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Liam Neeson Is Playing a Snowplow Driver Out for Vengeance in Hard Powder

We believe you’ll agree when we say the following: Liam Neesons is our shit. Despite the fact that the now 66-year-old actor has claimed to be retired from action movies on several occasions before un-retiring in classic action movie fashion, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to actually see him stop punching people on the silver screen anytime soon. If anything, Neeson needs to punch as many people as possible, while he still can.

And thus, today’s news is cause for celebration, as another new film will give Neeson a chance to display “a very particular set of skills”: In this case, said skills being “competent snowplow operation.”

Yes, Liam Neeson is about to play a snowplow operator … one out for REVENGE, in the new film Hard Powder. The movie has apparently already been filmed, and is set for a February 8, 2019 release date. How’s this for a synopsis:

Nels Coxman is “a local snowplow operator recently named Citizen of the Year of his small Colorado ski town for keeping the roads open through the winter. Nels’ quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) abruptly spins out of control when their son is unjustly murdered by a local drug cartel. Taking the law into his own hands with only the tools of an outdoorsman and snowplow driver, Nels sets out to find those responsible but inadvertently ignites a gang war that threatens to engulf the town – unless he ends it first.”

Oh god. It sounds like it could be the plot of a McBain film from The Simpsons, does it not?

If you feel like you’ve heard about a “snowplow driver out for revenge” movie in the past, you’re not crazy—Hard Powder is a remake of a 2014 Norwegian film called In Order of Disappearance, which starred Stellan Skarsgård as the same character. We don’t yet have a trailer for Hard Powder, so enjoy the In Order of Disappearance trailer below.

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