Honest Trailers Enlists Deadpool to Skewer Logan in 200th Episode

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Honest Trailers Enlists Deadpool to Skewer Logan in 200th Episode

In honor of Logan’s home release today, the folks over at Honest Trailers decided to dedicate their 200th episode to skewering the film with their particular brand of sarcasm. Of course, the film’s high quality makes it difficult for the video’s creators to make fun of too heavily, but they still manage to make several clever insights.

The clip hilariously points out that—instead of facing off against typical enemies like Sabertooth or Silver Samurai,— Wolverine’s true enemies in the new film are actually just failing eyesight, alcoholism and other depressing realities of aging. Additionally—after replaying the clip where Logan learns about the “other mutants” via iPhone video—they comment how iMovie in the future must be insanely awesome. Other highlights include the epic voice guy getting emotional over scenes involving Laura and Logan together.

It’s all typical Honest Trailers stuff, but they wisely include a twist whereby they call Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool to see if he’s willing to mock the movie. Deadpool refuses but does pitch a James Mangold-directed Old Man Deadpool movie with, ”Just 90 minutes of Cable and [Deadpool] changing each other’s space diapers,” that he thinks would make for a killer film in 20 years or so.

The trailer is a fittingly marker for a YouTube channel that has really come into its own as one of the leading satirical voices in film criticism. That they chose such a fantastic movie to make fun of—and such a hilarious co-contributor in Ryan Reynolds—adds up to some quality humor.

Check out this clip of Logan Noir included on the Blu-Ray as well as the first teaser for Deadpool 2 released ahead of the Logan theatrical screening. Also, watch the hilarious video above, and be sure to check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Logan here.

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