Shia LaBeouf is Live Streaming Himself in an Elevator for 24 Hours

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What’s Shia LaBeouf up to again, you ask? Not much, just live streaming himself in an Oxford elevator for 24 hours as he talks to Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Luke Turner, his “artistic” partners. This elevator talk is part of his recent performance #ELEVATE.

As you would expect, the video consists of the trio talking about nothingness. At one point LaBeouf says “I used to shit on myself until I was 13. I got a show when I was 13 on Even Stevens. I used to shit on myself because I was scared of the toilet.” He then explains further by saying that he would go to a corner and pretend to tie his shoe then pat his bum on the wall. After that, he would hide his underwear and or throw it away. Unfortunately, this isn’t the weirdest thing he discusses during his elevator live stream.

LaBeouf also gives his expertise on the state of college education in the United States. He tells the Europeans in the elevator with him “you have to be rich as fuck to go to schools in the States.” Someone then asks him what happens if you aren’t and Shia the Expert responds with “You don’t go, you sell drugs…and buy a gun. That’s the US.” Yes, because that’s exactly how life works, go to college or become a drug dealer. Two options.

He also mentions that he enjoyed Holes even thought it wasn’t his proudest work. In all fairness for LaBeouf, it is a very fascinating stream.

Visitors are allowed to join the men in the elevator. The Live stream is streaming at the debating chamber of the Oxford Union. It is also available on YouTube.

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