Shrek Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl for the First Time, Because Why Not?

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Shrek Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl for the First Time, Because Why Not?

Have you ever wanted to hear the sweet sounds of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” via the uniquely crisp audio of a record player? Well, now is your chance.

The Grammy-nominated Shrek soundtrack is getting a special vinyl reissue, featuring all the beloved tracks that supplemented the story of the green ogre, Geffen/UMe announced Friday. From Rufus Wainwright’s cover of “Hallelujah” to the Baha Men’s cover of “Best Years of Our Lives,” the vinyl LP will include the many covers that made the Shrek soundtrack stand out upon the film’s release in 2001—it’ll even contain Smash Mouth and Eddie Murphy’s covers of Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer.” Available Aug. 2, the soundtrack will be sold as a limited-edition, lime-green (missed opportunity to call it “ogre-green”) starburst vinyl LP alongside a wider-released black vinyl version.

Instead of composing the film around a normal score, Shrek chose the route of soundtracking the film with modern songs and covers, something that was practically unprecedented for animated features at the time. “Most of the Disney animated movies had original songs and were thought of as musicals,” Shrek co-director Vick Jenson told Rolling Stone. “Both [co-director] Andrew [Adamson] and I loved independent film and were influenced by ones that used current song that helped illustrate an emotional moment. It wasn’t really done in animation.”

After running for four films in the Shrek franchise, the swampy fairytale was adapted as a Broadway musical. Late last year, it was reported that Shrek, as well as spinoff Puss in Boots, would be rebooted by Illumination Pictures, but we haven’t heard anything more about those projects since.

You can see the Shrek (Music From The Original Motion Picture) tracklist below and preorder the LP here.

Shrek: Music From The Original Motion Picture Tracklist:

01. Stay Home (performed by Self)
02. I’m A Believer (performed by Smash Mouth)
03. Like Wow! (performed by Leslie Carter)
04. It Is You (I Have Loved) (performed by Dana Glover)
05. Best Years Of Our Lives (performed by Baha Men)
06. Bad Reputation (performed by Halfcocked)
07. My Beloved Monster (performed by EELS)

08.You Belong To Me (performed by Jason Wade)
09. All Star (performed by Smash Mouth)
10. Hallelujah (performed by Rufus Wainwright)
11. I’m On My Way (performed by The Proclaimers)
12. I’m A Believer (Reprise) (performed by Eddie Murphy)
13. True Love’s First Kiss (Original Score)

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