Tenacious D Apparently Have a Secret Second Movie Coming Out in October

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Tenacious D Apparently Have a Secret Second Movie Coming Out in October

You never quite know what you’re going to hear when Jack Black and Kyle Gass step onto stage. Together, the two form Tenacious D, that satirical heavy metal juggernaut that mixes real world musical chops with a ribald sense of humor that skewers the entire rock music industry. On Sunday night, the duo played a prominent slot at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival, and they dropped an unexpected (but glorious) little nugget: There’s apparently another Tenacious D movie on the way, and it could be arriving as soon as October.

This film would of course be a long-gestating sequel to the first Tenacious D feature film, The Pick of Destiny, which was released in 2006 along with the band’s second album, which bore the same name. That film didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, but its cult popularity in the years that followed must have convinced Black and Gass that it was worthwhile to pursue a follow-up. One might compare it to something like Kevin Smith’s Clerks, which eventually found its own sequel after a long period.

Of the film, Jack didn’t say much: “I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out.”

He also mentioned October as the date, which seems curiously close. It would likely imply that the film would already have been shot, which would mean it was somehow done entirely in secret. Things get even more interesting when you consider that Black has already spoken about releasing a new album in 2018—exactly as they did to coincide with The Pick of Destiny. Talking to Conan O’Brien in December, he suggested that the album might by called Post-Apocalytpo, a true rock opera about the end of the world.

“We’re working on a rock opera,” Black said then. “It’s a post-apocalyptic musical comedy, and the idea is that you know, you’ve got Pink Floyd The Wall, and you’ve got Tommy by The Who, and those are the only true rock operas in existence. You hear “rock opera” all the time. There’s only two rock operas. Ours is gonna go right there, somewhere in there, and all of the other ‘supposed rock operas’ can suck it! ‘Cause they suck.”

From there, it’s just a matter of filling out all the obvious questions, like: Will Dave Grohl return to play drums, as he has on every Tenacious D studio album to date? How will the film fit into Black’s busy schedule, which recently saw him starring in the insanely successful Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle? Will we also be seeing him in an October Goosebumps sequel?

We’ll keep you informed on any further Tenacious D movie developments as they break. And now, for the sake of nostalgia, please enjoy the classic music video for “Tribute.” Makes you miss MTV, doesn’t it?

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