The Griswolds Are Back in the New Red Band Trailer for Vacation

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The Griswolds Are Back in the New Red Band Trailer for Vacation

All the stuff is packed, the car is loaded and the Griswolds are ready for another fun family trip. Someone cue Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.”

When we first caught wind of the Vacation reboot, our initial reaction was to shun any and everything to do with the production. But then came word that Ed Helms was attached with Chevy Chase scheduled for an appearance and Christina Applegate and Chris Hemsworth also starring. And although we refuse to get our hopes up, the first trailer is actually funny to boot. We laughed though we said we wouldn’t, and now we must think only happy thoughts until the release.

Right away, a kicker for us is the nod towards the original film. Going back to the days of National Lampoon’s original 1983 flick, Clark’s son Rusty is all grown up with his own wife and kids. Reminiscing about the vacations he had as a child, he decides to take his family on a trip to Walley World. On the way, the film has its share of new goofs and franchise references. Most notably, we’re treated to the soundtrack of the first film, a recreation of the scene with the attractive girl in a convertible and a visit from none other than Clark Griswold himself, Chevy Chase.

All in all, we have to admit there’s plenty to offer for fans of the original films. The new take seems to have all the raucous comedy elements of the first, plus a half-naked Hemsworth talking in a southern drawl for the ladies. The full trailer can be viewed in the video above. But be warned, it’s not safe for work. Vacation drives its way into theaters on July 29.

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