The Not-So-Big Question: Fight Fire with Fire!

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Granted, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a film lover, someone who has been inspired, moved and even awestruck by the power of the medium. But, hey, as much as you love movies, there’s a part of you that quietly does the math, that adds all the hours of movie watching together on big and small screens and emits a strangled, regret-laden cry. Oh how much richer would life have been had you never taken that faux-roller coaster ride past the sneak previews and into the world of cinematic deception and illusion. Well, it’s too late for you, my friend, but let’s pretend you can yet help salvage someone else’s real world. Even better, let’s do so by using the very thing that ever led us to believe “romantic” meant moves worthy of a restraining order (or that anyone could hit a target while diving sideways with a gun in both hands). Let’s stop cinema with cinema!

If you had to choose one film that would convince someone who had never seen a movie to never want to see another one, what would it be?

Think of it as “scared straight” for proto-cinefiles. You’ve got one shot to ruin movie-going forever, so make it count! Post your pick in the comments below!

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