Watch A24’s Trailer for Joanna Hogg’s Sundance Hit The Souvenir

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Watch A24’s Trailer for Joanna Hogg’s Sundance Hit The Souvenir

A film-grained tale of troublesome first love? A Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner? Featuring a heavily made-up Tilda Swinton? Produced by A24? Folks, it looks like we’ve got a darling piece of independent cinema on our hands.

The Souvenir is hit-making production house A24’s latest pick-up. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joanna Hogg, the film will chronicle a turbulent relationship between an ambitious young film student and her charismatic but untrustworthy partner. The Souvenir features Honor Swinton Byrne in her breakout performance, and the role she was literally born to play: Tilda Swinton’s daughter. She stars opposite Tom Burke of English TV hits Strike and The Musketeers.

The film, set in the early ‘80s, has a lot more going for it than its leads. British TV fans may spot The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade making an appearance in the trailer. Close readers may also notice Martin Scorsese’s name popping up in the credits as executive producer—he signed on before the film even went to Sundance. One can assume A24 is expecting big things from this pickup, seeing as, according to Deadline, they’ve already closed a deal with Hogg for a follow-up film, The Souvenir – Part 2.

The Souvenir hits theaters via A24 on May 17. Check out the first poster and trailer below.


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