Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig Will Star in Toni Erdmann Remake

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Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig Will Star in Toni Erdmann Remake

Well, that was fast.

The Oscar-nominated Toni Erdmann, which debuted at Cannes last year and didn’t hit U.S. theaters until Christmas, is not only getting remade into an English-language film, but, per Variety, this remake will star the thought-to-be-retired Jack Nicholson as the shaggy prankster of a father and Kristen Wiig as the successful daughter with whom the former tries to reconnect. Apparently, Nicholson—who, at 80, was thought by many to have left Hollywood for good—was so enamored with Maren Ade’s original film that he approached Paramount CEO Brad Grey with the idea for a remake, and Grey in turn went straight to his team to secure the rights for the project.

Whether a remake is a good idea is up for debate, but if one is to be made, Nicholson seems like a smart choice for it, given that the actor has had decades of experience playing loony, loose-cannon joker types. Kristen Wiig’s fit for the role remains to be seen, but as an actress who is both a staple in film comedy and patently versatile, she could very well be at home in Toni Erdmann, which many critics have characterized as being funny but also resonant in other rich ways, as well.

If the project comes to fruition, it will house Nicholson’s first performance since the 2010 film How Do You Know. Wiig, on the other hand, has been very much active in the past few years, appearing in films as wide-ranging as The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Nasty Baby, and the Ghostbusters remake.

Paramount is currently still looking for a writer and director for the English-language Toni Erdmann, whose long list of producers include Adam McKay of The Big Short and Ade herself as one of the executive producers. Stay tuned for any updates, find out where to stream Toni Erdmann here, and read Paste’s review here.

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