WB Gently Reminds Us About Wonder Woman With Final Trailer

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WB Gently Reminds Us About Wonder Woman With Final Trailer

It’s okay that you forgot. That’s why we’re here. Yes, there is in fact a Wonder Woman movie coming out in less than a month, and we’ve got its final trailer here to prove it.

We guess it’s harder to keep track of these things when you’re not constantly inundated with color-vomit ads á la Suicide Squad, huh? Perhaps this change in marketing strategy also signals a change in the DCEU films’ quality, though we don’t recommend you hold your breath. Only about half of this trailer is made up of new footage, and we’re hoping that’s not thanks to Warner Bros. needing to edit around a bad film. Interspersed with many of the same color-muted, fighting-filled shots is a slightly better look at Diana’s origins and a verbal confirmation that one of the film’s villains is indeed Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya).

It is a bit disconcerting that the second female-directed superhero movie ever (you go, Patty Jenkins) hasn’t quite gotten the same advertising push as its male-helmed brethren … but Hollywood wouldn’t set up a talented woman to fail, then learn all of the wrong lessons from that failure … would they? No, we’re sure this will turn out just fine.

Go ahead and check out the trailer above, which debuted at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. If you like what you see, you can catch Wonder Woman in theaters starting on June 2. You can also take a look at the film’s second trailer here, as well as a tease for the character’s appearance in Justice League here.

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