Allison Russell Releases “Snakelife”

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Allison Russell Releases “Snakelife”

Canadian singer/songwriter, poet and activist Allison Russell has released the latest single from her forthcoming LP The Returner, out September 8 via Fantasy Records. “Snakelife” is triumphant and evocative, an evolutionary journey of grief and love. The song is an advocacy effort in and of itself: Russell describes it as “an invocation of the Afro-Future-Rainbow-Coalition-Transformative Universe I wish to inhabit and foster.”

“Snakelife” slithers into bloom through moments of tension and grace, a battle hymn interwoven with pain and devotion. Orchestral strings and rhythmic vocals evoke a summoning, an invocation, of the world Russell creates with her words.

Watch the music video for “Snakelife” below.

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