Amazon Looks to Expand Music Streaming Service

Look Out Spotify

Music News

As most seasoned Amazon Prime users know, the company now sells music. Amazon hasn’t been able to compete with more popular streaming services like Spotify or iTunes quite yet, because their music selection is relatively sparse.

The company has hinted, however, that they are looking to expand their presence in the streaming music sector. And according to unnamed sources in the New York Post, Amazon is currently in talks with several music executives to hammer out the details and establish a full-blown service that would compete with the likes of Spotify.

Rumor has it that the company would charge $10/month for services—which is a fairly competitive price, but Amazon Prime users already pay almost $100/year for their memberships. There is no word yet as to whether the Amazon Prime clients will have free or discounted access to the expanded streaming service, but you can be sure that plenty of them will be pissed off if they have to pay an additional rate for it.

Amazon is said to be taking the plunge next fall, so until then, we’ll turn to the company for discounted vinyl and cassettes.

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