Animal Collective Announce New Album Isn’t It Now?

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Animal Collective Announce New Album Isn’t It Now?

Animal Collective—Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin and Geologist—are returning with a new album this fall. Out September 29 via Domino Records, Isn’t It Now? is the 12th studio album for the quartet and a continuance of the band’s experimental playground of sound. As a follow-up to last year’s Time Skiffs, Animal Collective have teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Russell Elevado to continue expanding their own sonic ecosystem with their longest record to date (64 minutes).

New single “Soul Capturer” is a plentiful folk song that ruminates on online life and the cyclical gratification of being clinically attached to the internet. “You need a hush, you need a push,” Tare and Panda Bear harmonize. “You need some tush. It gets you high, pulls you from the rapture every time.” With a five-minute soundscape that weaves in and out of various shapes, harmonies, patterns and drones, “Soul Capturer” is one of the brightest Animal Collective compositions in recent memory. It’s perfect and hypnotizing.

Listen to “Soul Capturer” and check out the album artwork and tracklist for Isn’t It Now? below.

Isn’t It Now? Artwork:

Isn’t It Now? Tracklist:
Soul Capturer
Genie’s Open
Broke Zodiac
Magicians From Baltimore
Gem & I
Stride Rite
All The Clubs Are Broken
King’s Walk

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