Bat for Lashes Gets Vampiric in New “Kids in the Dark” Visual

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Bat for Lashes Gets Vampiric in New “Kids in the Dark” Visual

Bat for Lashes is slowly spinning a spiderweb of clues connecting to the storyline driving her forthcoming concept album Lost Girls, and the musician is inching closer and closer in her new visual for “Kids in the Dark;

In June, Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes, known for creating stories and alternate realities for each of her albums, began releasing cryptic videos onto her social media platforms detailing the rich world of Lost Girls, and set up a hotline for a missing girl who “said she was being hunted.”

Directed by Khan, the video, set against the hills of Los Angeles at dusk, marks the first appearance of Khan’s enigmatic rat pack of “lost girls,” all of whom are dressed in black clothing and layered in scarves, and introduces how her Nikki Pink character became a Lost Girl.

Some familiar characters appear, including Khan’s ill-fated Nikki, whose vampiric fangs are at the forefront of the video, and her star-crossed lover Michael—the two of whom were introduced in the musician’s short album teasers. Nikki and Michael hold each other against a backdrop of city lights before she is taken by the Lost Girls and vanishes into the night.

We’re still literally in the dark about the specifics of her character and the album’s larger arc, but the mystical, vampiric undertones are intriguing enough to keep us at bay.

Lost Girls is set to release Sept. 6 via AWAL Recordings and is described as “widescreen in scope, bursting with Technicolor intensity and an album for jumping off bridges with vampires.” You can revisit the album details here.

Check out the new video below.

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