Beach Fossils Announce New Album Bunny, Release Ethereal “Don’t Fade Away”

The Brooklyn quartet’s fourth LP arrives on June 2 from Bayonet Records.

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Beach Fossils Announce New Album Bunny, Release Ethereal “Don’t Fade Away”

Since their EP What a Pleasure in 2011, Brooklyn post-punk and jangle-pop outfit Beach Fossils have been curating a lush, memorable and airy catalog that stands the test of time. Records like Clash the Truth and Somersault, headlined by all-timer tracks “Sleep Apnea” and “Down the Line,” respectively, endure in the indie rock zeitgeist, still populating Spotify playlist collages and late-millennial song libraries. Now, for the first time since 2017, Beach Fossils are returning with an LP of brand new tunes. 

Bunny, which will see an official release on June 2 through Bayonet Records, comes at a perfect time. Frontman Dustin Payseur’s songwriting is at an all-time high, as he crafts exquisite monoliths of vulnerability. Bunny is heavily inspired by Payseur’s experiences watching a family member battle cancer, becoming a father and spending time the last half-decade with his bandmates and friends. 

Lead single “Don’t Fade Away” is, immediately, one of Beach Fossils’ sharpest compositions. From the ghostly jangle of Tommy Davidson’s guitar to Payseur’s patient, beautiful vocals, the track shines and croons like a coming-of-age adventure. Picture taking a drive in a convertible through the streets of Roku City and you’ll have “Don’t Fade Away.” Payseur is navigating a plethora of whos, whats and whens, attempting to find some type of semblance through the past, pinpointing the loved ones he misses dearly, conjuring memories of immortal, infinite nights spent together. “The city hasn’t felt the same / Since you moved away / Man, we had some days / Wonder if you found your way,” he sings. 

Payseur says of the melting pot of inspiration behind the track: “‘Don’t Fade Away’ is about missing old friends, being on tour, self-medicating, longing, anxiety, love, being an idiot, having fun, embracing your mistakes and keeping your spark.”

Watch the video for “Don’t Fade Away” and check out the album cover and tracklist below.

Bunny Track List:

Sleeping On My Own

Run To The Moon

Don’t Fade Away

(Just Like The) Setting Sun

Anything is Anything

Dare Me

Feel So High 

Tough Love




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