Bon Iver’s 22, A Million Listening Parties Consisted of a Boombox Playing a Cassette

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Bon Iver’s much-anticipated 22, A Million finally hit the internet last night, and the strange, experimental album has been swiftly met with a tidal wave of critical acclaim. So it’s only fitting that Justin Vernon and company played into all that hype by introducing their new record in the most understated way possible.

As SPIN reports, Bon Iver arranged listening parties around the world on Wednesday and Thursday, with the mysterious events consisting only of an old boombox playing the new album on cassette. Judging by photos from the listening parties, which you’ll find below, they were extremely low-key and oddly beautiful, with adoring fans huddled around the boomboxes like musical campfires.

22, A Million is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Physical copy purists can find the album on CD, vinyl and, yes, cassette, right here. Check out photos from the listening parties below, and find Paste’s review of 22, A Million here.

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Gather ’round folks… It’s quiet, but it’s resonating amongst friends #22amillion #boniver #eauclaire

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