Buck Meek Releases New Single “Paradise”

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Buck Meek Releases New Single “Paradise”

Singer-songwriter and Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek has released the newest single off Haunted Mountain, his forthcoming album via 4AD. Out August 25, the record focuses on the multitudes of universes opened up by love, a topic Meek has gravitated toward throughout his numerous projects. “When you are in love, it inhabits your environment, animates the inanimate, charging everything around you with a sense of meaning,” he explains. Meek imbues that life force into Haunted Mountain, describing the many loves that have shaped him.

“Paradise” is gorgeous and tantalizingly minimalistic; a tribute to Meek’s crystallized vocals and lyrical prowess. Simple harmonies and twinkling, light guitar plucks create a feeling of intimacy in the song as he croons, “Tell me how you got heaven in your eyes.” No doubt, a paradisiacal light rings around Meek’s calm, steady track, as unassuming and earnest as the best love songs always are.

Listen to “Paradise” here.

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