Carly Simon: This Kind of Love

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Carly Simon: This Kind of Love

We know nothing stays the same

(To be sung to the tune of Carly Simon’s “It Happens Everyday.” Sing along here.)

It happens everyday
Folk singers, they decide to make lite-pop
Delilah loves it, but I really wish it would stop
Just how it happens
It’s never worth it
But it happens everyday
It happens everyday
Before you give up
You focus on the faux-rap
And pop en espanol, say
“This is such a big piece of crap!”
Well, you try to abuse her
Turn her into a loser
It happens everyday
But I don’t regret “Anticipation”
“You’re So Vain” I will never forget
And in time I’ll let go of frustration
Might even dust off the old cassette
Still it happens everyday
Talented artists, they turn cheesy when they turn grey
This record’s way blander
Than the sassy hits that you played
You used to speak to me
Hey, you even moved me
Still it happens everyday
Everyday, yeah

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