Childish Gambino Has Officially Released His New Album, 3.15.20

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Childish Gambino Has Officially Released His New Album, 3.15.20

Update, March 22: After surprise-releasing, then quickly removing his new album ostensibly titled Donald Glover Presents, Childish Gambino has now released the album as 3.15.20, with a press release officially identifying it as “his first full-length release under Wolf+Rothstein/RCA Records” and confirming features by Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Khadja Bonet. Only two tracks, “Algorythm” and “Time,” are identified explicitly on its tracklist—beyond that, each track is only titled with a timestamp. now features a limited-time stream of the album so as “to promote a communal vibe” during these times of coronavirus. You can stream the album via your DSP of choice right here, or listen via YouTube below.

Update, March 16: As unexpectedly as Donald Glover Presents appeared, it was gone: The album was removed from its dedicated website by Sunday night after being available for only 12 hours or so, per Vibe.


Original Story, March 15: As if our current cultural moment wasn’t already surreal and confusing enough, Donald Glover has surprise-released what may be his final album as Childish Gambino, sharing Donald Glover Presents out of nowhere in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Donald Glover Presents is Glover’s first new Childish Gambino album since 2016’s Awaken, My Love!, and his first new music of any kind since July 2018’s Summer Pack, one song from which, “Summertime Magic,” was billed at the time as the first official single from his new album on Wolf+Rothstein/RCA Records—it’s unclear if Donald Glover Presents is that album. Summer Pack, in turn, followed Glover’s instant-classic May 2018 single “This Is America,” released alongside “Saturday.” Glover said in 2017 that his Awaken, My Love! follow-up would be “the last Gambino album.”

Donald Glover Presents is nowhere to be found on DSPs, nor on Glover’s official YouTube channel, and it isn’t mentioned on his RCA artist page, either. The album is only available via, which displays only its title, a play button, and a four-panel illustration (with the first identified as “cover”) that portrays people in the streets of a city—some panic, pray and leap from windows, while others take selfies and smile. It’s a quietly chilling image, given that we’re currently experiencing a global pandemic.


There’s no way to stop the continuously looping album once you’ve started it, so it’s a bit difficult to take the shape of, but according to Variety, it runs 12 tracks, and features collaborations with Ariana Grande, SZA and 21 Savage, as well as Glover’s previously released “Feels Like Summer,” and two unreleased tracks Glover has only performed live, “Algorythm” and “Warlords.” Variety cites Genius for the following rough tracklist:

Intro (Warlords)
Little Foot Big Foot
Why Go To the Party
Feels Like Summer
Don’t Worry About Tomorrow (The Violence)
Under the Sun
We Are (Interlude)
Time (Ft. Ariana Grande)
Vibrate (Ft. 21 Savage & SZA)
To Be Beautiful
Sweet Thing / Thank You

Listen to Donald Glover Presents here, and stay tuned for any further clarification on the release—Paste has reached out to RCA for more info.

And in the meantime, check out our 2011 video of Childish Gambino from the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Ga.

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