CHVRCHES Announce New Acoustic EP Featuring Love Is Dead Tracks

CHVRCHES Announce New Acoustic EP Featuring Love Is Dead Tracks

Scottish pop group CHVRCHES have announced a new EP, due out this Friday, Nov. 16, and dubbed Hansa Session after the studio in which it was created.

Hansa Studios, a Berlin-based space, is famous for hosting the likes of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, Iggy Pop and, of course, CHVRCHES for their latest LP, Love Is Dead. The EP consists of acoustic and string quartet reinterpretations of five tracks from the aforementioned album, including “Graffiti,” “Miracle,” “Get Out,” “Heaven/Hell” and “Really Gone.”

”[Hansa] is such hallowed ground for me—my heroes Bowie, Depeche, Iggy, Siouxsie, Tangerine Dream, Nick Cave amongst others made arguably their best work in that building – and we hoped that when we went there, we would capture even just a tiny bit of that energy,” said the band’s Iain Cook in a statement. “It was also a chance to hold a mirror up to these five songs and look at them from a different angle, and that is something that you don’t always get the chance to do as an artist.”

“It was really fun to try to reinterpret the songs and still communicate the messages and emotions with different arrangements,” added frontwoman Lauren Mayberry. “Once an album is out and you’re on the road, it’s harder to be creative so it’s exciting when those opportunities present themselves, and getting to make music in places like Hansa and Bad Robot is really a bucket list thing for all of us.”

The EP will be released on both digital formats and vinyl—you can preorder it here. Check out the trailer for Hansa Session below and revisit a 2013 CHVRCHES performance from the Paste archives further down.

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