Listen to “Bags,” the Stunning Lead Single from Clairo’s Debut Album Immunity

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Listen to “Bags,” the Stunning Lead Single from Clairo’s Debut Album Immunity

“Bags,” the lead single from Clairo’s (aka Claire Cottrill) just-announced debut album Immunity, charts a new, richer course for the indie up-and-comer.

“Bags” is a startlingly layered track, slowly adding more and more elements and instruments that complement Clairo’s conversational singing. A set of simple guitar chords, understated drum fills, plunking keys—these are all familiar elements for the bedroom-pop songwriter, but the move toward a studio with co-producer Rostam really fleshes out Clairo’s instincts in a remarkable way.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the chorus that finds Clairo lamenting a vision of a partner leaving her, sing-whispering “walking out the door with your bags” in between cathartic bursts of a synthesized run of notes. From here, “Bags” soars, adding more vocal layers, more keys and more drums as it builds to its phenomenally understated climax.

And what a climax it is. Leaving the chorus behind, the song slowly peels each layer back, fading out wistfully. It’s the type of emotional songwriting at which Clairo has always excelled, creating small moments that feel huge, the moments that linger in your memory as you look back on a failed relationship.

Immunity is due out on Aug. 2. Listen to “Bags” below.

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