David Bowie has Out-Bowie’d Himself in “Blackstar” Music Video

Music Video david bowie
David Bowie has Out-Bowie’d Himself in “Blackstar” Music Video

If you want to feel uneasy for the rest of your Friday, David Bowie has got you covered.

“Blackstar” is the title track off of the upcoming album ? (also pronounced “Blackstar”, because, you know, it’s a black star). The video consists of a blindfolded Bowie, very unsettling scarecrows, a woman with a tail, writhing, seemingly-possessed dancers and what seems to be some kind of witch ceremony.

In the 10 minutes you will spend watching this, you’ll go from confused, to mesmerized,to downright creeped out. The song may sound familiar, as it is the song for the opening credits for the Sky Atlantic and SundanceTV drama The Last Panthers.

David Bowie, now 68 years old, doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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