Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: Sean Moeller’s Daytrotter Picks for 5/26/15

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Alright kids, it’s summer, I think. I can feel it. We’ve got some sessions for the beach and some for a quiet night in with all the wine in the world. The best sessions posted on Daytrotter last week, starts now.

John Moreland
John Moreland daytrotter.jpg
It’s already obvious, listening to John Moreland’s three sterling albums—Eastbound Blues, In The Throes, and his most recent and heartbreaking High On Tulsa Heat—that he is one of the finest and almost impossible to touch songwriters in America. But then, you get into a small room with him and he emotionally destroys you in every possible way. This Oklahoman writes so many impeccable lines that he should be classified as lethal. He is dangerous with his moonshine hot feelings and emotions. He takes us to the part of ourselves that we weep with silently, always away from all but the few tender loves that we let in on our candid, losing, painful moments. He is a truly classic voice that everyone in the world should know immediately. I’m still not right after having seen him live a few weeks ago and I’m better for it. Listen to John Moreland’s session here.

Brianna Lea Pruett
Brianna Lea Pruett daytrotter.jpg
This California-based songwriter makes us feel like we’re caught in a world that’s the perfect balance between a slow falling snow and a silent, humid and dense forest filled with tree frogs, hiding beasts with the sharpest teeth and fairies. There’s some bread and fresh, homemade strawberry jam to partake in and there’s no known way to get out of the scene, but seeking the shafts of light poking through the brush might be the only way. Listen to Brianna Lea Pruett’s session here.

Ben Caplan
Ben Caplan daytrotter.jpg
Once those stains get inside you, they’re incredibly hard to scrub away. Once there’s been that taste of the poison, there’s no rinse that will erase it from the tongue. It will all remain anchored to the buds and in the tissue. When the eyes have seen, they cannot unsee. When a heart’s been trashed, it can only pick itself up so much. A body is always capable of lying to itself. Most of the time, this is the only way that anything gets done. It’s the lies that get us to go against our grains and better judgment, with whatever feeble payoff that might be out there for the taking the only thing that we could possibly hope for. Most of the time it never comes through and we’re left holding the bag, feeling the emptiness again in our extremities and all throughout our hollowed out trunks. Canadian songwriter Ben Caplan puts his touch on the sorrowful beauty that’s all around us. His thoughts, delivered with his harsh, but sympathetic voice, can be heard as both painful and joyous. It might feel as if the deck is stacked against us, but the trees of green and the red roses too are there to experience if we look. He sings, “Human suffering is an ocean and it’s dark at the bottom of the sea,” but there are beautiful souls out there and they will constantly seek more of the same. Check out Ben Caplan’s session here.

Guantanamo Baywatch
guantanamo baywatch daytrotter.jpg
Let’s go to the ocean, drink all of the beer and crush the cans right into the sand. Check out Guantanamo Baywatch’s session here.

Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Leithauser daytrotter.jpg
The Walkmen’s lead singer Hamilton Leithauser once again shirked recording any songs that he personally wrote in favor of taping two more of his favorites. Both Walkmen sessions consist of songs by Leonard Cohen and Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux (all learned on the fly, in a matter of minutes in the studio) and this session, taped in Brooklyn, during CMJ festival this past October, was no different. These two Nation of Ulysses songs were drummed up on the spot, played by a crack squad of players that Leithauser assembled just days before and these fevered versions are further evidence that he is one of the greatest front men that’s ever lived. Don’t argue with me. Facts is facts. Listen to Hamilton Leithauser’s session here.

Here are my favorite new finds of the last week: Foxtrott (watch out part 1), Jeremy Pinnell (watch out part 2) Metavari, Valise, Kitchen Hips, Night Auditor, Samuel Ford, The White Russian, Cpt. Captain, Reuben Hollebon, Lee Barber, Pavo Pavo, Emily Mure, MOURN, Laura Clock, Corey Kilgannon, Three Man Cannon, Stolen Silver, The Railers, The Dead Woods, The Painted Horses, The New Electric Sound, Nap Eyes, Baby Strange, Tangerine, and Jordan Corey. Now get out there and have yourself a week.

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