Dehd Share New Flower of Devotion Single “Flood”

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Dehd Share New Flower of Devotion Single “Flood”

Chicago-based indie-rock outfit Dehd have shared a new single, “Flood,” off of their upcoming album, Flower of Devotion. The single follows the release of the album’s lead single “Loner.”

“Falling in love with someone is like becoming water,” says lead singer Emily Kempf of the new single. “A flood is powerful, uncontrollable, devastating. Water can nourish or destroy.”

Flower of Devotion follows the band’s 2019 debut, Water, and deals with themes of creating and experiencing joy in the face of isolation and despair, something that has become familiar for many in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Says Kempf, “Being alone and grieving is very isolating…but then you come out of your little cave of grief, and your friends and family and partner are all there to pat you on the back and hold you until you have to go back into the cave of grief alone.”

Watch the music video for “Flood,” choreographed by Kempf, below.

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