Dry Cleaning Say “Goodnight” on New Song from Next Week’s Sweet Princess EP

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Dry Cleaning Say “Goodnight” on New Song from Next Week’s Sweet Princess EP

London post-punks Dry Cleaning are prepping the release of their debut EP, Sweet Princess, out later this month, with the release of the new single “Goodnight.”

The new track is a murky wave, led by a subterranean bass line that twirls in between fits of jittery drums and surfy guitars. Florence Shaw’s spoken-word vocals feel like they’re staring straight into the camera, piercing the listener with non-sequitur musings compiled from YouTube comments and her own inner monologue.

Here’s what Shaw says about the track:

The YouTube comments represent strangers sharing poignant memories. The phrases from ads suggest our bodies are naturally disgusting, that we ought to work harder, and that our relationships might fail. “Goodnight” is partly about feeling fed up with these ideas, and partly about feeling uplifted by openness on the internet.

That’s two-for-two from Dry Cleaning so far. We’ll find out if they keep this going when the Sweet Princess EP is released on Aug. 16 via It’s OK. You can revisit their debut track “Magic of Meghan” here, where you’ll find all the EP’s details. Listen to “Goodnight” below.

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