Daily Dose: Dumb, “Beef Hits”

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Daily Dose: Dumb, “Beef Hits”

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Vancouver four-piece Dumb have shared their new single, “Beef Hits,” taken from their forthcoming album Club Nites, out on June 7 via Mint Records. It’s been less than year since they signed to Mint, which also put out their previous full-length, 2018’s Seeing Green.

This saxophone-laced punk tune is equipped with a snotty lyrical shrewdness and crystalline production style to counteract the band’s scrappy energy that can’t be curtailed. There’s a sense of detachment from Franco Rossino’s matter-of-fact vocal stylings, but their lyrics couldn’t be more in the thick of things as Dumb throw a few punches at the utter shenanigans of modern late-night social happenings (“You’re only here to improve your public face”).

Per a press release, “Club Nites is a collection of narratives drawn from the nightlife ecosystem. Attempting to break from the typical romanticized version of ‘the club’ as seen on TV, the album instead depicts a bleak social setting, where we zoom in on seemingly petty details in order to reveal the cracks that Hollywood forgot to fill.”

Dumb wrote and self-produced the album in their own studio over the course of a few months in early 2019, with mastering from Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control).

Listen to “Beef Hits” below. You can preorder Club Nites here.

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