Hear Ed Sheeran Play “The A Team” And More on This Day in 2013

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Hear Ed Sheeran Play “The A Team” And More on This Day in 2013

Remember when Ed Sheeran was just an unassuming British boy with a guitar and not an international superstar? I hardly do, but those days are admittedly not far behind us. Sheeran didn’t release his debut solo album, +, until 2011, and he is just now 28-years-old. By 2013, he was guesting on a Taylor Swift song and accompanying her on the Red tour, catapulting him to fame. His career is likely far from over.

On this day (Jan. 7) in 2013, Sheeran stopped by the Daytrotter studios to play a few songs from +, including “The A Team,” which is the single that first gained him major attention in his native U.K. and beyond. Also during this session, Sheeran plays “Give Me Love,” “Lego House” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” all of which appeared on his solo debut.

Being the mathematically-minded artist he is, Sheeran followed + with 2014’s x and 2017’s ÷, home to the inescapable “Shape Of You.” Last year, he released No. 6 Collaborations Project, which featured everyone from Camila Cabello and Cardi B to Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Skrillex.

Hear Ed Sheeran’s 2013 Daytrotter session below, and/or download it on NoiseTrade right here.

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