Emily Yacina Learns to Let Go on New Single “Bleachers”

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Emily Yacina Learns to Let Go on New Single “Bleachers”

Emily Yacina’s name might be new to you, but it’s likely her voice won’t be, at least not if you’re a (Sandy) Alex G fan: House of Sugar’s mesmerizing “Southern Sky,” Rocket standout “Bobby,” and Beach Music’s “Mud” (which also features her in its video) have Yacina’s harmonies to thank for their depth of beauty and feeling. Yacina has been a fixture of the Pennsylvania and New York DIY scenes for some time now, with a wealth of recordings available on Bandcamp. On Dec. 6, she’s set to release her debut studio album, titled Remember the Silver. Last month, she dropped the seemingly Blink-182-indebted lead single “Gleaming,” and today (Nov. 12), we’ve got another taste of the record with “Bleachers.”

“This song is about how people can stay in your life for a long time, and how losing them can feel like losing a part of your own identity,” says Yacina. “Bleachers” is suffused with a melancholy nostalgia: Its soft, sparkly guitars and harmonies feel both heavy and weightless. “Time is a silk web,” she sings, and “Bleachers” feels much the same, with a tangle of oppressive emotions lurking just beneath its lush veneer—but in admitting she’s “stuck in [her] story,” Yacina gives herself the chance to get free.

Listen to “Bleachers” below.

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