Evangeline Walks Us Through Her Fuzzy EP Track By Track

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Evangeline Walks Us Through Her Fuzzy EP Track By Track

Once known under the stage-name Eva B. Ross, California singer/songwriter Evangeline’s debut EP Fuzzy, produced in-tandem with Dillon Casey (Weyes Blood), is soaked in amber dusks and as mystifying as it is nuanced. The six songs form a beautiful organism of alt-pop that nods to mid-century percussion and celestial vocals. “Ethereal” is a word that gets tossed around a lot, and I’m hesitant to label Fuzzy as such, but only because I want to avoid drifting up into the heavens and continue listening to these tracks down here on Earth. With her stage name gone, Evangeline has never been so accessible and her songs, from “Mystic” to “Neighborhood,” have never felt so personal. And, in terms of rising stars, her future has never been so bright.

With Fuzzy out today, Evangeline sat down with us and gave us a look behind-the-scenes at all six songs. Stream the EP below as you go. By the end, we hope you’re as excited for whatever she does next as we here at Paste are.

Emotionally, this song is a precursor to all the feelings that follow on this EP. It’s a song about being hung up and wanting to get free. I recorded it with Dillon Casey and the track really sounds how the feeling felt… distressed to the point of softness… fuzzy. I wrote the song years ago with my friend David [Marinelli].

This was the last song I wrote for the project and I wrote the song – top to bottom – in my head on a long drive. It’s about meeting someone new and trying to figure out how to share yourself with them at a time when you’re still not quite sure of yourself. It’s heavy and hopeful… kind of like a pig with wings.

I like when songs are snapshots and this song is that. It’s about the good kind of wasting time, the kind that wards off the existential dread for a while. This was the first song Dillon and I recorded together and we essentially cut it in a day. Sounds like a memory to me.

It started as a love song to an online troll and it became a song about seeing something in someone that no one else does, something that maybe they don’t even see in themselves.

“Camera Shop
I wrote this about how day jobs can be very hot and how sometimes simple interactions with strangers can get you free. Cole Peterson plays drums on this one and Dillon Casey plays the swooping guitar that feels like flying through the canyon.

This is the first song I wrote of the bunch. I wrote this about a relationship where fighting and making up became an almost comical feedback loop. It’s about how silly it is to fight with people you love and how a long walk is almost always a good idea. I’d been listening to a lot of early Bonnie Raitt and the slide guitar and flute Dillon Casey plays on this track evokes that. I’d also just finally found the Casiotone that Matthieu Boogaerts used on one of my all time favorite records, Super 2 and played the countermelodies on there.

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