Fiona Apple to Donate Royalties for “Shameika” and “Heavy Balloon”

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Fiona Apple to Donate Royalties for “Shameika” and “Heavy Balloon”

Fiona Apple—who just put out the wonderful Fetch the Bolt Cutters—has announced that she will donate two years of royalties from her songs “Shameika” and “Heavy Balloon” to Harlem Children’s Zone and Seeding Sovereignty. On her friend Zelda Hallman’s Instagram, she posted a picture of this proposal on a poster board, writing:

I will still give each organization I mentioned here fifty-thousand dollars, if no one ends up requesting use of these songs, but I will be able to give a lot more, if I can earn some of that Hollywood cash, so here’s hoping, here’s trying, and that’s that, I guess!

Earlier this year, Apple followed a similar trajectory with her hit “Criminal,” allowing it to play in the movie Hustlers so she could donate the money to the While They Wait refugee fund.

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