Floetry – Flo’ology

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Floetry – Flo’ology

London R&B duo Floetry plays it a little too safe on third release

While “Floacist” Natalie Stewart’s velvety vocals stand out, the lyrics are clichéd (“This is such a happy ever after / You traveled miles / Now we’re past the finishing line”), the production is mediocre and the hooks are repetitive. The duo’s standard half-spoken/half-sung vocals provide a distinctly urban feel, and tracks like “My Apology,” “Lay Down” and the Common-assisted “SupaStar” are quite catchy, but with an average of almost five minutes per song, it gets monotonous. Flo’ology is theoretically smart—an optimistic record that rests in that cozy space between neo-soul and classic R&B, with themes that glorify sisterhood and empowerment. If they’d just ditch the kitschy, internet-lingo-fied song titles (“Sometimes U Make Me Smile,” “I Want U,” you get the drift…) and return to their punchy, soulful traditions, The Study Of Flo would prove infinitely more listenable.

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