Frank Ocean Shares Solo Version of “Biking”

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Frank Ocean Shares Solo Version of “Biking”

Frank Ocean dropped a solo version of the song “Biking” during the sixth episode of his Beats 1 show blonded RADIO. The track originally debuted on the third episode, and featured Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator.

The solo version has a similar vibe to the original, with Ocean filling the song with raps, sing-song bridges and a marvelous hook all on his own. It’s a testament to Ocean’s abilities as both a songwriter and versatile vocalist.

blonded has allowed him to become a curator of sorts, steering listeners to listen to older R&B tunes like “Whip Appeal” by Babyface and current hip-hop gems like Kanye and Drake’s “Glow.” Ocean also premiered A$AP Rocky’s new track “RAF” recently, featuring Migos’ Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert and Ocean himself during the sixth show.

Stream “Biking (Solo)” via Apple Music here and Spotify here. You can also listen to the entirety of blonded RADIO episode six here, and revisit another recent Ocean track, “Lens,” here.

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