Frankie Cosmos Share Endearing New Single/Video, “Wannago”

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Frankie Cosmos Share Endearing New Single/Video, “Wannago”

Frankie Cosmos shared a charming new love song called “Wannago” on Monday, along with a bake show-inspired music video.

The new track highlights frontperson Greta Kline’s airy, harmonized soprano vocals, the band’s signature electric guitar riffs and lovestruck, sentimental lyrics. “You just rest,” Kline sings, “We go together like cymbal and snare.”

“Wannago” will be featured on the indie-rock band’s fourth studio album, Close It Quiety, which will be released on Sept. 6 via Sub Pop.

Regarding the latest single, Kline said in a statement that it is an “older song” that Frankie Cosmos bassist Alex Bailey encouraged the group to release:

“Wannago” is an older song that I thought would never come out. Every time we ever tried to arrange it we gave up or lied that we would come back to it later. It felt too hard, and I found some of the lyrics embarrassing. Then Alex encouraged us to give it another shot because he really loved the demo. We ended up all working together to turn this into a song that feels sparkly and distinct; and it’s really fun to play. I’ve accepted the cheesier lyrics as part of the youthful glow of the song, it feels very wide-eyed and is purely about love, distance and life.

The music video for “Wannago” features comedian Catherine Cohen, stars each member of Frankie Cosmos, and depicts a bake show called “Cooking with Cosmos.”

Kline portrays herself and three other eccentric judges, while her longtime bandmates Lauren Martin (synth), Luke Pyenson (drums) and Alex Bailey (bass) play contestants on the show.

The comical video opens with a monologue from Cohen, who introduces herself as the host of the baking show. It then shows scenes of chaos ensuing as the members of Frankie Cosmos attempt to bake, end up with disastrous results and ultimately feed their creations to dogs.

The music video took inspiration from The Great British Bake Off and the band’s love of baking shows, as Pyenson explained in a statement:

I thought a baking competition theme would translate well to a music video. In some ways I think the lighthearted drama, tension, and release of that format mirrors the ebb and flow of emotions (lyrically and musically) in this song, and so it was kind of a natural fit.

The video was directed and edited by Robert Kolodny, and produced by the Brooklyn-based company House of Nod.

Frankie Cosmos recently released two tracks that will appear on their forthcoming album, “Windows” in June and “Rings (On A Tree)” in July.

The New York City-based lo-fi rockers announced an international fall tour two months ago, and noted on social media Monday that “Wannago” guest star Cohen will open for their Sept. 29 set at Webster Hall in their hometown.

Watch the adorable and hilarious music video for “Wannago” below.

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