Paste Studio Premiere: Gaby Moreno & Friends at Casa de la Ruina

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Paste Studio Premiere: Gaby Moreno & Friends at Casa de la Ruina

Since 2014, singer/songwriter Gaby Moreno has hosted an Acoustic Festival, gathering her friends around her birthday and putting on a charity concert. This year, Paste was privileged to be a part of it, joining Moreno and Ilegal Mezcal to put on a show in her native Guatemala.

Joined by fellow Guatemalan Kathy Palma, Mexican singer/songwriters El David Aguilar and Silvana Estrada, Lau Noah from Spain, and New York band SUSU, Moreno took the stage at Casa de la Ruina, a centuries-old church in the historic city of Antigua, playing her own songs and joining others on stage.

We filmed all the performances and will be premiering the concert on our YouTube channel Dec. 29 at 3pm. You can tune in or watch anytime after below.

Proceeds from the ticket sales went to the non-profit Guatemalan organization Fundal, dedicated to educating children with disabilities here. You can donate to the cause here.

Set list information:
00:00 Gaby Moreno – “Ave Que Emigra”
06:18 Kathy Palma – “Mi Cura”
12:08 Kathy Palma – “Yemanyá”
16:52 Kathy Palma – “Eres Tuya”
20:36 Gaby Moreno – “Blues De Mar”
27:28 Lau Noah – “L’Adéu”
30:55 Lau Noah – “Niño Viajero”
34:29 Gaby Moreno & Lau Noah – “Cucurrucucú Paloma”
39:34 Lau Noah & El David Aguilar – “Siete Lágrimas”
42:57 El David Aguilar – “¿Martes Al Atardecer?”
47:24 El David Aguilar – “Eco”
52:10 Gaby Moreno & El David Aguilar – “Dear Someone” (Gillian Welch)
56:37 El David Aguilar & Silvana Estrada – “Cielito Lindo”
01:03:10 Silvana Estrada – “Al Norte”
01:07:18 Silvana Estrada – “La Llorona”
01:14:26 Gaby Moreno & Silvana Estrada – “Amor Eterno” (Juan Gabriel)
01:21:00 Gaby Moreno – “Till Waking Light”
01:26:35 SUSU – “Psychedelic Gangster”
01:32:39 SUSU – “”
01:40:26 SUSU – “Let’s Get High”
01:46:28 SUSU – “”
01:50:24 Gaby Moreno, Silvana Estrada, Lau Noah & El David Aguilar – “El Rey”

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