PREMIERE: Listen to Georgia Gets By’s New Single “Madeline”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Georgia Gets By’s New Single “Madeline”

Georgia Gets By, the solo project of New Zealand singer-songwriter Georgia Nott (of BROODS), has returned with her second single of 2024: “Madeline.” Following “When All You Can Manage is a Sigh,” which arrived in February, “Madeline” is a gothic take on the dream-pop Notts was performing on her 2023 debut EP, Fish Bird Baby Boy. There’s an added solemnness to “Madeline,” as a bassline tectonically thuds and a blanket of moody synthesizers linger in the doldrums of the song’s soul before erupting into a colossal, angular fit of noise and piercing vocals.

As far as musical climaxes go, there’s a perfect amount of evocative maximalism on display in “Madeline.” The turning point of the song is unforgettable, and Notts’ voice marvelously skyscrapes far above it all. Her singing is so powerful you can feel it in your kneecaps, and “Madeline” is the kind of song you hear and immediately add to your library before righteously pressing play on it once more. “’Madeline’ is about the moment you meet someone that you know will change you,” Nott says. “You feel it in the deepest place inside your stomach and become completely choice-less in your feelings for them.”

You can read our feature on Georgia Gets By from 2023 here. Listen to “Madeline” below.

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