Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review: “Summer”

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Summer is the season for vacations: College students, for example, just spend the whole time drunk.

Wish I had been when I watched this episode.

The first two episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life gave me so much hope and excitement, only to be dashed when “Summer” came along.

There were some high points.

The girls are enjoying time by the pool and Luke has donated a floatie hut.

Rory has decided not to be part of the Thirtysomething Gang and resurrects the Stars Hollow Gazette.

We finally get to see Jess, and he’s happy and printing books. He plants the seed in Rory’s mind to stop writing about other people, and to write what she knows. As usual, he pushes her to be someone better.

She finally ends things with Logan because Odette has moved in with him.

We also get to hear Sutton Foster sing, which is always fabulous. Especially her song at the end of the episode.

However, the lows in this episode are really low.

Logan and Rory didn’t reconcile. He’s sticking with Odette.

Michel quits his job because Lorelai won’t expand The Dragonfly.

We still haven’t seen Sookie.

What’s really bad is, half of the episode is about a Stars Hollow musical. Sure, we hear Foster sing and Carole King is there, but they’re just part of a cheesy musical. Lost opportunity here: If it wasn’t my job to watch the entire episode I would have hit the fast forward button.

It wasn’t funny and it took up so much time in the episode, all I could think other than, “Is this over yet?” was, “Why are they wasting this much time in one of the four episodes showing us that Stars Hollow still does weird stuff?”

We knew that. It was a waste of talent and ultimately time.

Also, Lorelai decides she wants to be just like Reese Witherspoon in Wild.

Do yourself a favor and skip “Summer” and go straight to “Fall.”

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