Goodie Mob Announce New Album Survival Kit Featuring Chuck D, Andre 3000, Big Boi

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Goodie Mob announced a new album Survival Kit out Nov. 13, including tracks from previous collaborators André 3000 and Big Boi, as well as Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Survival Kit is the group’s first album since 2013’s Age Against The Machine.

In a statement, Goodie Mob’s T-Mo said:

“Right now, just seeing all of our people on TV marching and protesting and being shot at, bottles and stuff being chucked at the police, people burning down buildings and looting because we’re tired of all of the injustices.”

So far, they’ve shared early singles “Frontline” and “Are You Ready” (feat. Chuck D) ahead of the album reveal.

Keep scrolling for Goodie Mob’s Survival Kit cover art and tracklist. Read Paste’s review of their last album here.

Survival Kit Album Artwork:


Survival Kit Tracklist:

01. Are You Ready (feat. Chuck D)
02. Frontline
03. Curry Goat
04. No Cigar (feat. André 3000)
05. Prey 4 Da Sheep (feat. Big Boi)
06. DC Young Fly Crowe’s Nest Break
07. 4 My Ppl
08. Big Rube’s Road Break
09. Off-Road
10. Try We
11. Me Tyme
12. Back2Back
13. Survival Kit
14. Calm B 4 Da Storm
15. Big Rube’s Amazing Break
16. Amazing Grays