Helena Deland Shares First New Song in Two Years “Lylz”

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Helena Deland Shares First New Song in Two Years “Lylz”

Montréal singer-songwriter Helena Deland has released a new single, “Lylz.” The track is the artist’s first release in two years, following her Altogether Unaccompanied EP series back in 2018.

The track’s namesake refers to a friend who pointed Deland toward the music of Lili Boulanger, a French composer whose life was cut short but whose musical legacy lived on through the devotion of her sister Nadia in preserving and sharing her work. With the stories of these sisters in the backdrop, a statement accompanying the release of this song described “Lylz” as “an ode to a friendship born out of mutual esteem and fanned by the flames of worldly dissatisfaction.”

Deland shared a music video to accompany the release, showing a time lapse video of candles modeled in the image of the Boulanger sisters slowly burning away. Watch the video below.

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