Horsey Share “Seahorse” feat. King Krule, First Single off Their Debut Album

Debonair is coming this summer

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Horsey Share “Seahorse” feat. King Krule, First Single off Their Debut Album

Oddball English rock quartet Horsey have announced their debut album Debonair, coming in July (exact date undisclosed) on London label untitled recs (Jerskin Fendrix, Famous, Brad Stank, TAAHLIAH). Lead single “Seahorse” features none other than King Krule, aka art-rock singer/songwriter Archy Marshall, whose brother Jack Marshall plays in Horsey alongside Jacob Read (Jerkcurb), Theo McCabe and George Bass.

“Seahorse” hews closer to King Krule’s sound than Horsey’s, the former brooding and atmospheric, the latter—as established by the string of singles they’ve released since 2017—more theatrical and explosive. The song opens as if on the bottom of the ocean, each reverberant keystroke and guitar pluck resonating under the weight of thousands of pounds of pressure, immersed in pitch-black shadow. King Krule handles most of the vocals, delivering “lyrics that speak of dark city tales and racist police,” a press release says, in his signature sleepy snarl. It all smacks of alienation and anxiety, with Horsey providing a darkly dynamic backdrop for King Krule’s downcast ruminations.

Debonair ends on “Seahorse,” but it opens with Horsey’s November 2020 standalone single “Sippy Cup,” a madcap, sub-two-minute art-rock ripper about finding happiness by way of one’s inner child—beloved filmmaker Edgar Wright, and this is true, called the song “2 mins of blissful insanity.” That’s about as ringing an endorsement as you’ll see, and par for the course among Horsey’s dedicated cult following.

As for King Krule, “Seahorse” is his first proper new release since his acclaimed 2020 record Man Alive!, to which Horsey’s Bass contributed drums.

Watch the “Seahorse” visualizer (illustrated by Jack Marshall) below, and find the details of Debonair further down. You can preorder the record right here.

Debonair Tracklist:
01. Sippy Cup
02. Arms & Legs
03. Underground
04. Everyone’s Tongue
05. Wharf
06. Lagoon
07. Clown
08. 1070
09. Leaving Song
10. Seahorse (ft. King Krule)

Debonair Album Art:


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