Ivy Sole Shares Moving Video for Her Uplifting “Life”

Music Video Ivy Sole
Ivy Sole Shares Moving Video for Her Uplifting “Life”

Life can be overwhelming at times: Challenging us with constant ups-and-downs, highs-and-lows, and sometimes it can be a little too much for one person—this is the very humanistic inspiration for the new video from Philly-based artist Ivy Sole. The song “Life” is off of Sole’s sophomore EP East and is inspired by the death of a friend of Sole’s who took his own life during her sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania back in 2012.

The video, directed by The Brothers Ed, follows the story of a protagonist as he struggles to fight those inner demons we all sometimes face. It reaches a beautiful resolution as he saves himself from taking his own life at the end. The message is strong.

Sole has stated that she uses her own battles with depression and mental health to inspire her music, which is very apparent in “Life,” particularly as the chorus mirrors a personal mantra and nice reminder as she sings, “Life is short / Life is simple / Life is joy / Life is pain / Life is wonderful / But it’s beautiful / And love’s the same.”

Watch the video above.

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