Jeff Rosenstock Gets Angry in His Just-Dropped “Melba” Video

The destructive clip is a commentary on the frustrations of everyday life.

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Jeff Rosenstock Gets Angry in His Just-Dropped “Melba” Video

After surprise-releasing his excellent new album POST- on New Year’s Day, then treating Paste to one of our favorite live studio sessions of 2018, Jeff Rosenstock has just dropped a brand new video for “Melba.”

In the destructive clip, Rosenstock plays a frustrated restaurant manager, smashing plates and bottles in front of his equally dissatisfied employees. “Melba” ties together various scenes that offer commentary on the ways that anger filters through our everyday lives.

In a press release, co-director David Combs said: “Jeff wanted to make a video featuring a character who, consequence free, carelessly destroys everything around them. The idea of such a character reminded me of how often the abuse of power is a thoughtless exercise for those who hold it, so we decided to expand on the idea and make it a commentary on how abusive patterns get replicated — where the effects are passed downward hierarchically and the people with the least power experience the consequences most intensely. You know, also it’s fun to watch people smash shit, so we tried to have a good time with that too.”

Watch Jeff Rosenstock’s awesome Paste session below, and read Ben Salmon’s review of POST- here.

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