Jordana Shares New EP Something To Say

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Jordana Shares New EP Something To Say

Jordana has shared a new EP titled Something To Say via Grand Jury Music. It’s the first of a two-part EP series, with her follow-up To You arriving in the fall. Jordana released her self-produced debut album Classical Notions of Happiness in 2019, before it was re-released and expanded by Grand Jury Music earlier this year. Something To Say features her previously-released singles “Forgetter,” “Big” and “I’ll Take It Boring.”

Classical Notions of Happiness has plenty of folk and lo-fi pop moments as well as stripped-back indie-pop ones, and Jordana’s music has only become more dense since then. Something To Say is full of richly-produced, hooky indie-pop—each song brimming with intriguing textures. Fried synths and warm guitar tones hover over bulky, glitchy beats, and there’s never a flat moment. The six-track EP’s sonic magnetism is due in part to producer MELVV, who also worked on “Crunch,” a standout track from her re-released debut album. Jordana’s stylish, airy vocals have never sounded better as they float effortlessly like plush clouds.

Traversing topics like triumphant party-skipping (“I’ll Take It Boring”), self-preservation (“Far Away From You”) and empowered confidence (“Big”), Jordana has also proved her chops as a soul-stirring songwriter. Her indie-pop concoctions only become more unique and immediately gratifying with each release. Keep this Kansas-based singer/songwriter on your radar.

Watch the video for “Big” below, and stream Something To Say in full here.

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