Junglepussy’s Love Is as Long as a Tangerine Dream Song on “Arugula”

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Junglepussy’s Love Is as Long as a Tangerine Dream Song on “Arugula”

Offbeat rapper Junglepussy shared a new track, “Arugula,” on Wednesday with an accompanying video. The track is all-new territory for JP, with a near-ambient beat and heavy, hissing strings. The rapper always manages to surprise with her cutting and often bizarre lyrics, starting the track by declaring her love is “long like a Tangerine Dream song.” She later references Fefe Dobson, and says she introduced her lover to beet juice and artichokes. It’s a pretty sad track among JP’s boisterous and often goofy catalogue, ending with JP admitting, “sometimes I give into sadness.”

The video was directed by Caity Renee, and has a romantic, alien vibe to its retro visuals and stunning styling. JP almost looks like an alraune, sinister but somehow innocently primal. JP has been flirting with new sounds for a while now. Back in October, she released a trip-hop influenced song “Spiders” in the vein of Tricky or Portishead. Last year, she also released a short film titled I’m In Love, which featured the song of the same name from JP’s 2018 album JP3.

There’s no word on if “Spiders” and “Arugula” will be connected to a forthcoming album or not. Either way, the two stand as experimental forays for the ever-budding rapper, and portray her as one to watch in the realm of hip-hop and beyond.

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