Kate Nash Releases New Single and Video, “Good Summer”

Music Video Kate Nash
Kate Nash Releases New Single and Video, “Good Summer”

Three years have passed since Kate Nash’s riotous Girl Talk, and now she returns with a bright, poppy single, “Good Summer.”

Nash released the track with a video, capturing a backyard party which looks overwhelmingly British with tea cups, flowers and tiny pastries. The song is a summer anthem to its core, with lyrics about loud music in the car and staying up until dawn over synthy beats. “I’ve been waiting all year to feel this good,” Nash sings. Haven’t we all?

Nash told Noisey in an interview on Monday that she doesn’t have a release date for her forthcoming album, but that she’ll be releasing a new song every five-to-six weeks, eventually leading to an album release.

Watch the video for “Good Summer” above, and listen to Nash’s 2013 Daytrotter performance via the Paste Cloud below.

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