Kenny G Wants to Break His World Record of Holding a Single Note on the Saxophone

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Even if you don’t like his music, you can’t argue that Kenny G seems like a cool guy. From playing “”Regulate with Warren G on live television to appearing in a Funny or Die sketch, he makes sure people know he has a sense of humor about himself.

Now, he’s planning on breaking a record he made in 1997—the longest note held on a saxophone. In 1997 it was E-flat for 45 minutes. The only way Kenny G is capable of this is because he can control his breathing like a sea mammal. Instead of just holding his breath however, he uses something called “circulation breathing” which is concurrently breathing out of his mouth (to play the note) while breathing in with his nose (to keep him alive, obviously). Basically, Kenny G is superhuman and capable of things us mere mortals could only dream of. Or something like that.

The famous sax player plans on partnering with an airline to attempt this new record, playing the note for an entire flight. He also wants to work with businesses to turn this into a fundraiser of sorts for music education in schools, as he told Huffington Post Live. Unfortunately, he’s staying mum on the full details for now.

You go, Kenny G.

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